The Firmament- Skateboarding schedule


KAMI&Friends Skateboarding schedule at The Firmament
HITOTZUKI 出品作品”The Firmament”にてKAMIと友人達によるスケートセッションを下記日時にて開催します。
The skateboarding schedule at HITOZUKI’s The Firmament is as follows.

4月22日(木)19:00~ Thursday, 22 April
5月14日(金)19:00~ Friday, 14 May
5月28日(金)19:00~ Friday, 28 May
6月4日 (金)19:00~ Friday, 4 June
6月17日(木)19:00~ Friday, 17 June
7月2日 (金)19:00~ Friday, 2 July

(6 times total during the exhibition period, each session approximately 90 minutes.)
Venue: Galleries
*Visitors may not skateboard on the ramps. Only skateboards permitted by the Museum can be brought into the galleries.

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