Mural Art Book.



HITOTZUKI art work is published in “MURAL ART VOL.3

“MURAL ART VOL. 3” murals on huge public surfaces around the world

The journey into the colourful world of the mural art continues.

On 272 pages, landscape format, once more the reader can go on an optical journey around the continents and gets an overview about the biggest mural projects of the world. Meet over 120 artists, crews and organizations of the international scene around their best facades and walls. From Europe to Africa, from America to Asia and Oceania are presented 1000 walls with techniques from graffiti and stencil to trompe l’oeil, suiting after everybody’s fancy.

Artists like MODE 2, die FX CREW, 3 STEPS, ART FACADE, H02, HITOTZUKI, SHOK-1, KACAO 77, VULCAN, 2501, SABER, CLYDE, TATS CRU, RON ENGLISH and many more point out, that into the world of mural art between colors and shapes, only sky is the limit!