Volcom Stone presents “EXPERIMENTAL ART SURF SHOP” Group Show by DYZs crew.

2012.10.05 (fri) ~ 10.08 (mon) 12:00 ~ 19:00
at VOLCOM Japan Showroom 3F + 4F 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-15-7

Artist :
Che Jen, Chris Mendoza, David Ellis, DISKAH, ESOW , KAMI, Kenji HIRATA, Kiku YAMAGUCHI, MADSAKI, Mike Ming, Miyuki PAI Hirai, Naomi KAZAMA, Sasu, Shepard Fairly, ROSTARR, Yuri SHIBUYA, Yuri SHIMOJO

2001年~東京 中目黒の銀座商店街にあったギャラリー兼コミュニティーサロン的空間-大図実験(DYEZU-EXPERIMENT!)。かつてその場所に集まったアーティストや表現者によって行われたグループ展”EXPERMENTAL ART SURF SHOP”。その第二弾がVOLCOM JAPAN SHOWROOMにて開催されます。大図実験が無くなり今年で7年目、長い時を経てアーティスト達が再集結、大図をご存知の皆さんも初めての皆さんも一緒に楽しみましょう。

Experimental Art Surf Shop is:

Back in 2001, There was the gallery and community salon called DYEZU-EXPERIMENT! on the street of Nakameguro, Tokyo.
The artists, Neighbors, and the visitors from overseas have met and had good time all together at DYZ.
It’s been 7 years since DYZ- EXP! closed. and This E.A.S.S is the next level groupshow.
The circle has come, and we all get together again for this.
For those who’s known about DYZ, and for those this is gonna be the first time, Let’s enjoy together!!!

Surfing, Skate, Snowboarding isn’t just about ridding. But it is also about journey, including meeting people, music, fashion
as well as encountering nature.
People seek such a moment to be in there.
So There are people spending thier only possession which are time & energy driven by passion which has been causing the evolution with era.
Explaining this in one word that is “A WAY of LIFE”
The passionate artists from Tokyo, New York, and LA colaborated on the passionateful boards.
We’ll be showing lots of art, books, goods as well as those boards.
The E.A.S.S. is experimental, unique, and dynamic group show.