©Satoshi Asakawa /Courtesy of Hermès Japon

“BACK IN THE POOL” Maison Hermès Window display by HITOTZUKI
2013.9.20 ~ 2013.11.12
at Maison Hermès Ginza.

From the given theme “Chic, Le sport!”(Sports is Great!) by Maison Hermes, we thought of how we can express the foundation of our activity, the spirit of the street, through the show windows. Common sports such as baseball and tennis comes to mind. However, we wanted to look into the abstract feeling of playing a sport. We defined sports as a “sensation” you can achieve by releasing the body’s energy, following a certain rule and being absorbed in it. We expressed the aftereffects of playing a sport and the lonliness of a place people leave behind by creating an Autumn themed window, bringing Summer to an end.
We expected people to experience something extraordinary by distorting the space in a location like Ginza. The unrealistic pool is placed to achieve this.
Even a drained swimming pool at the end of the season can regenerate a fascinating space. You will see a person painting in this window. An evening in Autumn, Summer coming to an end, and making the lost space into a playground…sports can be enjoyed anywhere, and this spirit is what we imagined as a sports theme. In 16 other small show windows, tools and scene from our daily life are reflected in a playful matter.


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