The collaboration work of KAMI and SASU from 1999,
    aimed at expanding the stage for creativity rooted in the dimension of street culture.
    Their distinctive worldview stems from the fluid interaction between the dynamically flowing curves fashioned by KAMI, and the strong and flamboyant symmetric motifs engineered by SASU.
    This vision breaths new life into the sense of beauty derived from the street, and has succeeded in invigorating the era with a steady stream of vivid new landscapes. The pair views art as lying in the domains of their everyday lives, and while based in Tokyo, continues to lead a lifestyle interspersed with creative journeys around Japan and to overseas.

    "HITOTZUKI", stands for the sun and the moon, being contrary to one another,
    they differ yet fuse together. Through their ideology, depicting scenery from their lifestyle and feelings.

    アーティスト、KAMI と SASU による HITOTZUKI / ヒトツキ

    1999 HITOTZUKI is started.
    2000~ Participates in Barnstormers.
    2000 Mural "Burnstormers" North carolina. U.S
    2003 Group exhibition 'STREET WISE 2' Gallery KUNSTHOF, Berlin,GERMANY.
    2004 Barnstormer's show SECCA museum,Northcarolina,U.S.
    2004 Group exhibition 'Ill comminucation ll' Urbis museum,Manchester,U.K.
    2004 Mural, installation 'Catalyst artists in residence' Contemporary museum,Honolulu,U.S.
    2005 HITOTZUKI exhibition 'LAND' Gallery POINT,Tokyo.
    2005 Group exhibition 'X-color graffiti in japan' Art tower Mito, JAPAN.
    2005 Painting on the bridge 'Berlin-Tokyo street art expo' ,Yoyogi Tokyo.
    2006 Painting 'Jewely fiesta' Fierra milano,Milano,ITALY.
    2006 KAMI+SASU exhibition'Tokinowamawarutokinowa' Fifty24SFgallery, Sanfrancisco.U.S.
    2006 Mural, 'OUTSIDES' Wuppertal,GERMANY.
    2007 Mural, 'ON THE WALL' Sakuragicho, Yokohama.
    2007 Mural, Residents' Center Setagaya,Tokyo.
    2007 Group exhibition'Ginza Tropicalia',Miami.U.S.
    2008 Mural,'AKASAKA ART FLOWER' Akasaka,Tokyo.
    2008 Mural,'NAMES FEST' Praha,CZECH REPUBLIC.
    2008 Mural,'OYKOT' Ginza graphic gallery,Tokyo.
    2009 Mural,'Urban Art Guide' Berlin,GERMANY.
    2009 Group exhibition 'Cultivate', HONGKONG.
    2010 Group exhibition 'Roppongi Crossing 2010' Mori Museum,Tokyo.
    2010 Group exhibition 'BASARA' Spiralhall Aoyama,Tokyo.
    2010 HITOTZUKI exhibition 'OMNI' Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne.A.U.
    2011 Group exhibition 'Art for Tomorrow' Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya,Tokyo.
    2011 HITOTZUKI exhibition 'Continuum' 72and Sunny, Los Angels.U.S.
    2011 Mural, 'Matsudo Art line project' Matsudo, Chiba.
    2011 "agnes.b ART FACADE PROJECT" ,Tokyo
    2012 Mural, "Quality Time with Art " The Base Taipei, TAIWAN.
    2012 Mural, Exhibition "PUBLIC FAIR No.1" K11, Kowloon.HONGKONG.
    2013 Mural "A POSTED SCENERY" Tokyo.
    2013 HITOTZUKI Exhibition "PORTATION" Pinebrooklyn, Osaka.
    2013 Mural, HITOTZUKI ,Kohoku, Yokohama. Kanagawa.
    2013 Window display "BACK IN THE POOL" Maison Hermès Ginza, Tokyo.
    2013 Exhibition "ABILIGHT" The Japan Foundation Center, Hanoi, VIETNAM.
    2014 Mural, "FLY AWAY" Asnal Kanayama,Kanayama, Nagoya.
    2014 Mural, "Dancing at the wall" 1(KAMI ), 2(SASU) ,Nakamura Kieth Harring Collection, Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi.
    2014 Hitotzuki Mural Project, Hida-Kanayama, Gifu.
    2015 Mural "Evidence Clouds" Beppu project , Beppu. Oita.