Burton Rail Days – Recap

Burton Rail Days 2013 Presented by MINI -Recap-
2013.11.16(sat)at Roppongi Hills Arena,Tokyo.
Collaboration work by HITOTZUKI and SHIZENTOMOTEL on snowboard section“Burton Rail Days” presented by MINI. The recap video above, and the un-cut video of the final on www.burton.com

SASU’s Motions from Dancing at the Wall vol.2

-SASU’s beautiful freehand work appear from KAMI’s Line, KAMI also joined to add his cloud.

Keith Haring Muralism : Dancing at the Wall vol.2 / SASU
-Chance to occurrence: toward HITOTZUKI
2014.9.1 ~ 2015.1.5 中村キースヘリング美術館 屋外 / Outdoor of Nakamura Keith Haring Collection
GIF animation by Ikumo Motosugi



One day we discovered this wall in a great location and instantly fell in love with it.
Eager to draw on it, we decided to knock on the door…

Short documentary of painting a wall of a private home.
Includes interviews from the house owner.
February~March, 2013, Tokyo.
A Film by Nicolas Charavet & HITOTZUKI


Global Street Art – Tokyo – Art In The Streets – MOCAtv

Global Street Art – Tokyo – Art In The Streets – MOCAtv

MOCAtv, Global Street Art series in Tokyo interview along HITOTZUKI includes artist ESOW AND AIKO.

MOCAtvによる、Global Street Art シリーズ東京編。ESOW, AIKO, HITOTZUKI,それぞれのインタビューを交えて紹介されている

-MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art)

HITOTZUKI in Okayama, Live Paint Movie 2012

LIVE PAINTING for “Killer Killer Fantastic Bomb 6” 
in Okayama by MARKER STUDIO
Movie by DRM1K
2012年11月24日、岡山で行われたグループショウ“Killer Killer Fantastic Bomb 6″でのHITOTZUKIライブペイント映像。